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Business, Time Management and Leadership Coaching

Do you want to be strategic, organised, proactive and successful? My focus is on helping you to find solutions and maximise your time, to grow your business using proven tools and solid methods to make a positive change. We all need someone to champion us in our lives and my mission is to be that person, so that the journey is easier, more enjoyable and more successful.

To reach your potential and achieve your goals, you need to be strategic and also enjoy the journey. My role is to help you do that successfully.

Be excited about the possibilities.

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Our most popular business coaching courses

increasing productivity for profitability

You went into business because you love what you do. But there was all this “running a business” stuff that you have to juggle as well. Our business coaching programs help you gain clarity on the things you should be working on, that will make the biggest difference to your business growth.

Leadership Coaching

By investing in yourself as a leader you will increase your potential and that of those you lead. There is strategic guidance to help improve leadership skills, decision-making abilities, and foster a growth mindset. Using personalised strategies and insights, leaders are enabled to navigate complex challenges and inspire their teams towards success.

Time Management Coaching

These days there is more pressure than ever to be successful, do many things at the same time, and do it all. With our time management coaching you’ll learn some proven tools that will help you to get more organised, get more done, and to make smarter decisions.

Who is my coaching for?

Professional, motivated business owners and their teams who may be struggling with a bit of overwhelm, and with finding enough time to do everything.

Their business may be in busy growth mode or in need of finding more opportunities.

Key success factors are maximised through using time-honoured tools and principles. Working 'on' the business, not 'in' the business using systems and processes that are efficient and create space.

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Why choose Reach Potential?

Versatile expertise: I have a broad range of experience across industries, from engineering and manufacturing to sports and finance.
Proven success: Check out my Google reviews and testimonials to see how I've helped business owners achieve their goals.
Personalised aproach: I offer an initial free consultation to ensure we're a good fit. I tailor my services to your needs, and always keep learning, so I can stay updated to provide the most current solutions.
Extensive network: I'm connected to a wide network of quality professionals, to support you in other areas you may need.

Your success is my success. This is my "why".

What our customers think

How does it work?


Strategy Session

We meet for a 2-hour strategy session to evaluate areas in your business needing attention.


Proposal Plan Discussion

Helen designs a strategic plan for you which is then reviewed, discussed and agreed.


Time Frame Agreement

Either 3-month, 6-month or 12-month plan is agreed on depending on your goals and needs.

Would you rather talk in person?

Business is about moving forward, through the the challenges and the opportunities. Contact me for a conversation about your business, and how the resources and coaching I offer can add enormous value to your business.