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Empower Your Leadership: Custom Coaching for High-Achieving Business Owners

We help high-achieving business owners to lead themselves , and their teams well with our bespoke Leadership coaching programs.

Learning to lead effectively can be a real challenge, especially in 2022 in our 3rd years of a global pandemic. “We believe that anyone, anywhere can make a difference” John C. Maxwell.

Leadership can be learned and effective leaders can be developed.

A great leader has the knowledge and experience to light the way for others. A great leader leads by example, creating an influence in which others want to engage.

Great leaders can communicate and influence those around them. We can learn how to identify with people and relate to others in a way that increases our influence.

The hardest person to lead can be ourselves and we can exponentially improve our leadership skills when we spend time investing in our own personal growth as well as those we lead or work with.

As a certified Leadership Coach, Helen offers an extensive range of custom-made leadership programs for business owners and their teams.

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Helen Corban, Business Leadership Coach

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How does it work?


Strategy Session

We meet for a 2-hour strategy session to evaluate areas in your business needing attention.


Proposal Plan Discussion

Helen designs a strategic plan for you which is then reviewed, discussed and agreed.


Time Frame Agreement

Either 3-month, 6-month or 12-month plan is agreed on depending on your goals and needs.

What clients say about Reach Potential

Helen is motivating, friendly and easy to work with and has challenged me to move to the next step both personally and in my business. I am very pleased with the tangible results. I recommend Helen very highly as a person of integrity who goes the extra mile with her clients.

Mark Seabrook, Managing Director


Working with Helen has been absolutely fantastic. My leadership style has changed. As a small business owner, my business is on track and I feel supported and confident in the knowledge I am receiving the right advice. That is invaluable.

Mahamood Faiyaz, CEO

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