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December newsletter - Success Mindset

December 2023

Immerse yourself in Success!

Dive into a season of achievement...

Recently I've been working with groups of people on their "Success Mindset". When we delve into what that means it is so interesting to observe individual reactions. As we head into 2024, let's take the best mindset with us to set us up for a brilliant year! See article, and upcoming courses to support that mindset below.

For me, and many I know, the end of the year is always a time of reflection and being grateful. I am continually blessed by the people surrounding me in my personal and business journey. Life would be very different for me if I didn't have people who listen to me, advise me, support me, care for me, laugh with me and challenge me when I need it. The words "thank you" don't really cut it! I am so grateful for those that surround me in my world.

This week I went on a "Bosses Sneaky Day Off" (photo below) which involved a lot of laughter, making a clay bowl (hmm let's see how that looks when glazed 😀), and a long lunch at a vineyard with a group of dear friends I have met through networking. The value of networking is absolutely huge.

Have a wonderful festive season! Sending love and my best to you and your whanau. Merry Christmas!

Warm regards,

Helen Corban
0275 822 045

What do you need for a success mindset?

In the journey toward achieving our goals and realising our dreams, one of the most vital ingredients is a success mindset. It's the lens through which we view challenges, setbacks, and opportunities. A success mindset isn't just about achieving financial prosperity; it encompasses personal growth, leadership, and the ability to make a positive impact in our lives and the lives of others.

At its core, a success mindset is:

  • A growth-oriented approach - this thrives on curiosity and a love of learning
  • Believing in yourself and your ability to overcome obstacles
  • The unwavering belief that you have the power to shape your destiny
  • Nurtured over time through self-awareness, resilience, and continuous learning
  • The ability to set meaningful goals, and take consistent action to achieve them
  • Clarity in your vision

One of the pillars of a success mindset is resilience. It's the capacity to bounce back from setbacks, failures, and disappointments. Instead of viewing these experiences as roadblocks, individuals with a success mindset see them as stepping stones toward growth. They understand that every challenge provides an opportunity to learn, adapt, and become stronger.

Why do I do what I do? As a Business Coach, I have the unique opportunity to help people cultivate their mindset, empowering them to achieve greatness in their personal and professional lives.

Courses in 2024

Please see below various options for professional and personal growth for the start of the new year.

  • Business Growth Acceleration through Time Mastery - 12-week program starting week of 15 January. Details here
  • Put Your Dream to the Test - 12-week course starting 17 January. Email me
  • NEW - LinkedIn workshop - in person for those who want to use LinkedIn to be strategic. 23 January 9.30-12pm at The Crate in Rosedale. Email me
  • Change Your World - free 6-week course looking at and actioning your core values. Starting 13 February. Email me

Most options are a combination of 1:1 and group sessions. Held on Zoom, weekly 1-hour sessions. Email me for more details or to register your intrerest.


Reflecting on 2023 - what am I grateful for?



  • I turned 60 and this was a massive moment for me! I was not happy. I finally got over myself and decided to really celebrate the life I have created and my achievements. I had a fantastic party and a trip to the States to the John Maxwell conference in Florida. Photo above with a great friend, Dean Payn, who encouraged me to have the party!
  • Successfully project-managed a renovation at my mother's flooded house, and then sold it. Done in record time. This was huge for me.
  • My son James is following his dream to become a F1 racing car driver - he is going from strength to strength. He has become a licenced motor vehicle dealer and set up a business selling quality cars to help fund his dream. He has also secured some sponsors. Proud! You can follow his journey here.
  • My daughter Emma has completed her first year at Otago university, and has done extremely well. Her resilience through a recent tragic loss of one of her friends is also mature beyond her years. Proud!


  • Attended the John Maxwell Conference in Orlando, Florida. Lots of learning and inspiration. So much more value that I can add.
  • Did my 5-year plan and have started making massive change to implement it.
  • Ran more successful online programs, new quality clients. Business Growth Acceleration, Change Your World, Put Your Dream to the Test...
  • Have been asked to speak at 4 conferences, and at networking groups.
  • Revamped my website, reviewed my messaging and branding.
  • Invested in myself to learn more about automating my business.
  • Networking continues to be my gig, recently joined the Gathering and the Tribe through The Crate. This is networking with a real focus on achieving 90-day plans. Part of 7 groups currently. Absolutely love this aspect of my business.

So thankful for the opportunities I have had, and the quality people that surround me. If you ever want to engage in networking, I am one of these people that anyone is welcome anywhere with me. Come join me!


Tip of the Month

Be intentional with the 3 R's:

  • Reflect - review your wins and learnings - write them down
  • Relax - do exactly what you want to do, what makes your heart sing?
  • Rejoice - celebrate in whatever way rejuvenates you

Keep life simple over the festive season! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!