Why time management can help you be successful at work and personally

Unveiling Time Management: Data Reveals Why It's the Key to Success

December 2023

Unveiling Time Management: Data Reveals Why It's the Key to Success


In the hustle and bustle of modern life, time management has emerged as the linchpin for both career success and personal happiness. As a time management coach, I recognise the persuasive power of data, and therefore, I have compiled insights from extensive research to demonstrate the profoundly positive impact time management has on our lives.


1. The Impact of Time Management on Professional Performance

 Findings from the collaborative research conducted by Brad Aeon,Aïda Faber, and Alexandra Panaccio reveal that time management exhibits a moderately positive impact on professional performance. In simpler terms,mastering time management can help enhance your work effectiveness, although it is just one piece of the puzzle influencing overall job performance. This result underscores the potential benefits of effective time management in the realm of professional achievements. 

 Furthermore, time management significantly influences both results-oriented and behaviour-based performance. This suggests that effective time management not only leads to better performance reviews at work but also enhances motivation and job involvement.

 Notably, research reveals that the relationship between time management and professional performance is on the rise over the years, underscoring the increasing importance of time management throughout one's career.


2. Time Management's Influence on Wellbeing and Stress

 Surprisingly, the impact of time management on wellbeing appears to be slightly stronger than its effect on performance. Studies show that time management has a greater influence on life satisfaction compared to job satisfaction by a staggering 72%. Additionally, time management has been found to alleviate various forms of distress, particularly psychological distress, highlighting its role in enhancing overall mental wellbeing.


3. Individual Differences and Time Management

 While the impact of time management varies among individuals, age and gender exhibit relatively low correlations with time management. However, an interesting finding is that women tend to have stronger time management abilities, and this gender difference appears to strengthen over time, possibly indicating increased time management freedom for women.


4. Conclusion and Future Prospects

 In summary, the data unequivocally demonstrates the positive influence of time management on various aspects of our lives. From career performance to overall wellbeing, effective time management emerges as the key to success and satisfaction. As a time management coach, my commitment is to help ambitious business owners understand the importance of time management. Whether in the workplace or personal life, acquiring and practicing time management skills empowers individuals to take control of their lives and achieve outstanding results.